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This site was born to webmistress Krista Robyn (aka Gia, Jack Off Gia) in 1999 as a fan page on that featured a message board, an extensive gallery of Madonna Wayne Gacy photos, interviews, and other tidbits. As more space was needed to expand the site, Krista moved the site to, where it was revered as the best and most extensive Pogo website on the Internet. It was listed on as one of the fan sites in existence.

Due to a change in the domain service and host, the site was unexpectedly removed with no possible way to recover it. Thanks to a hack, Krista was able to recover most of the site herself, along with the gallery that she curated on the site for over a decade. These files have remained preserved on a cloud server, but the information about each photo has been lost, including photo credits and dates.

Krista hopes you enjoy the new site.


MWG website through the years

  • Krista's first version on, launched in 1998

  • Madonna Wayne Gacy

    This second splash page image was created by a friend. Launched about 1999

  • Madonna Wayne Gacy

    Another version of the homepage that launched in the early 2000s

  • Madonna Wayne Gacy

    The site was at its peak

  • The final version of the site before it was removed by the host

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